Version 0.06 Published!


It’s been a while, but we’re not done yet. A new version arrives!

Let’s see what we have in this one:

First of all, I’ve made “From Legacy To Testable Code” its own chapter. I’m not done with it yet, so expect more. I’ve also organized it in sections. In addition there’s some more info in there about code organization and introducing fields. I’ve also added a description about clearing a path towards testability.

Speaking of testability, I’ve added a section about the relationship between testability and good design. As I answer a lot of these questions, I thought it should be there as well, under the “Guidelines” chapter.

I’ve added a couple of sections to “Testing Economics” about the perceived and actual cost of testing, as well as the value of tests and triangulation. There’s more where this came for as well.

I’ve started adding content to two chapters: “What to test” gets analysis for writing tests (and when not to), and “Writing Tests” gets a section on multiple asserts.

Plus some editing, readability that I like so much, and “what the hell were you thinking when you wrote it” fixes.

I hope the next time I publish is not that far ahead. Until then, hit me with your feedback!

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