We’re asked for estimates all the time. We’re wrong most of the time. Sometimes we’re getting hit in the head because we’re wrong. Mostly, we make bad decisions based on the estimates.

Our planning process sucks.

With better estimation technique, we can plan reliably and gain the trust of the business.

Over time, we’ve collected different methods of estimation. We’re going to discuss and experiment with those in this 1-day workshop. We’ll learn how to break big tasks into smaller, estimatable tasks. And we’re going to see what metrics we need to collect as we go, and how to interpret them for meaningful projection.

The workshop is intended for: Software developers, testers, product and project managers and team leaders in agile (or not) organizations.

Workshop length: 1 day.

Workshop goals

What attendees will be able to do after the workshop:

  • Use combinations of estimation methods for better planning
  • Prioritize and manage work effectively
  • Break down big chunks of work into manageable and estimatable tasks
  • Collect and visualize performance metrics
  • Use projection tools to estimate progress and identify alternatives

Workshop agenda

Topics covered in the workshop:

  • Why planning and estimation are important (and to whom)
  • Dealing with the uncertain and unknown
  • Estimation methods (relative, story points, cumulative flow)
  • Estimating complex work and projects
  • Story slicing techniques of big features into small estimatable stories
  • Cost of Delay and other prioritization techniques
  • Performance metrics used for projection
  • Projection techniques and tools (with Monte-Carlo simulations)



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