New Release: V0.05 With Pre-Test Refactorings


I know it’s been a while, but the project is not going away! I’ll try to pick up speed, while you can give me feedback on v.05 of the book.

Here’s what’s new in this increment:

I’ve added a new section under “Writing tests” called Legacy Code. I’m still considering how to structure it. The section contains Pre-Test refactoring helpers:

– Renaming
– Adding accessors
– Extract method
– Exposing interfaces
– Extract class
– Adding overload

I’ve also added another view of how people relate to “Changing Accessibility    “. It correlates to the “Exposing Interfaces” part.

I’ve Added JMockIt to power-tools section based on feedback (from the JMockIt project).

And I’ve updated “The Stairs” section under “Testing strategy” chapter.

There’s more to come, and I hope real soon.

Would love your feedback.


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