I know it’s been a while, but the Everyday unit testing book is not going away! I’ll try to pick up speed, while you can give me feedback on v.05 of the “Everyday Unit Testing” book.

Here’s what’s new in this increment:

I’ve added a new section under “Writing tests” called Legacy Code refactoring. I’m still considering how to structure it. The section contains Pre-Test refactoring helpers:

– Renaming refactoring
– Adding accessors refactoring
– Extract method refactoring
– Exposing interfaces refactoring
– Extract class refactoring
– Adding overload refactorin

I’ve also added another view of how people relate to “Changing Accessibility    “. It correlates to the “Exposing Interfaces” part.

I’ve Added JMockIt to power-tools section in the unit testing tools section, based on feedback (from the JMockIt project).

And I’ve updated “The Stairs” section under “Unit Testing strategy” chapter.

There’s more to come in the Everyday Unit Testing, and I hope real soon.

Would love your feedback.



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