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  • Everyday Spring Testing is a book for the modern Java programmer. Spring is the go-to framework for current Java, and has been for many years.

As a testing trainer and consultant, I see many Java people not writing tests, and those that do, don’t know Spring enough to understand how it works, and more importantly, how to test Spring apps.

And Spring, as a dependency injection framework was built with testing in mind. Not to mention all the testing features that come with Spring Boot. Spring does a lot of heavy lifting for us, but the price is that a lot of the code we test, which is not really ours, has a big impact on test results.

Everyday Spring Testing is the ultimate pragmatic guide for testing Spring components and applications today. It covers the basic ideas, implementation and how to think about them in the context of an already complex environment. It covers mocking in Spring environment, using Autowired beans for our advantage and in-process databases for better control and test performance.

It covers also other aspects of Spring, that don’t relate directly to testing, but have an affect on it, like caching. And covers TDD when building Spring apps, and how that works.

Everyday Spring Testing is intended, obviously, for Spring developers. Today that means every Java application developers. For me, developers include every programmers and testers who code. Testers who want to both explore the application, and automate tests around it need to understand what they can do, and how it works under the hood.

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