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Unit Testing & TDD

Everybody can pick up a calculator examples on TDD. Want TDD in real life applications?
We can help.

Clean Code

Clean code is essential for maintainability and automation. Improve your code and your life quality follows. We can show you how.


Had enough of Agile Certificates that just hang on the wall? Learn agile from people who actually worked in agile companies.

A book for the professional unit tester, by Gil Zilberfeld. Hi!

The book presents practical solutions to common problems experienced by teams implementing testing on daily basis.Check out the Contents page for the topics.

It covers topics like unit testing tools, methodology, writing tests and maintaining them, debugging on failure, TDD (Test Driven Development), picking a testing strategy for the organizations, and much more.

My book is being written in an agile manner. It is written incrementally, and relies on feedback from the readers. I’m grateful for any feedback, and has promised to not hit back.

The book is available through LeanPub. To get notified about new versions of the book, register on the “Everyday Unit Testing” Leanpub page.

For more information, check out the blog.  Apart from unit testing, I write on integration tests, clean code, and all kinds of testing and quality related content.



Video: Code Hygene

You know how these things work. You go to a restaurant, complain about the dirty fork and get kamikaze attacked by the chef. Or, you don’t keep the code clean, and the user dies. Same-same. Read more…

Put The Mock Gun Away

I gave a course recently on unit testing in Angular, and we were looking at some code the developers wrote, and we wanted to test. It looked something like this: someApiCallAsync(p1, p2, ...) .then(response => Read more…

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