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Unit Testing & TDD

Everybody can pick up calculator examples on TDD. Want TDD in real life applications?
We can help.

Clean Code

Clean code is essential for maintainability and automation. Improve your code and your life quality follows. We can show you how.

Agile Development and Testing

Had enough of agile certificates that just hang on the wall? Learn about agility and agile development from people who actually worked in agile companies.


Code Reviews Are About The Future

One of my favorite podcast (about management of all things), is Manager Tools. Feedback is one of MT’s core practices, as you would assume, and feedback according to MT is always about the future. Think Read more…

Black and White

Black box, white box. Does our choice of perspective matter? We’ve landed this function declaration: public int add(int a, int b); We’re told that it adds two integer numbers. How should we test it? Let’s Read more…

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