You know I have a YouTube channel, right? And that I love talking about APIs?

It’s got all the webinar recordings (and then some), and I’ve also started loading short videos. I called it the “Gil talks about lots of things about API and API testing in a series of videos”. Then reconisdered and called it “The API Series”. It didn’t fit into one screen.

It’s all about APIs and API testing, and how to deal with the complexities of both. There are already a few videos up there (the one here is the first, but you don’t need to watch them in order).

So, first, tell me what you think. What you want me to talk about, and what you’re finding challenging in the wide world of API testing. I hope I can help (and use some weird graphics on the way).

Second, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, invite your friends, surprise your enemies. And throw some ideas at me. I’m game!

Third, want to get better at API testing? Check out my “API Testing with Postman” workshop, it’s APIlicious!

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