It’s been a while since the Python Web Conference, but the “Refactoring Without a Net” recording is up now. This is for the Python developers among us (but I’m sure multi-linguists will find it valuable too).

Refactoring is something we do as part of our work. Renaming here, extracting a method there.

But many-a-times, we need to do something bigger. Something that just a keyboard shortcut cannot do. We usually bump into this on our way to somewhere. It’s hard to add that new feature, or fix that bug, without doing some refactoring.

If we had tests, it’d be easy. But what if we don’t?

That’s what the workshop is about. Defining a goal, and refacoring our way towards it.

I also did it in PyCon Israel (recording pending). And some form of it I do in my Clean Code workshop. And it works with any language, not just snakes’.


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