I like clean code. It shows that people care about their teammates, the ones who will need to step in and understand what is going on. And when I see clean tests – it’s even better. With readable, clean tests, it becomes even easier to maintain the code.

So what makes tests clean? We’ll talk about the patterns, and this time, we’ll tackle web tests. How can we make them easier to understand, write and maintain?

In this session, we’ll talk about anti-patterns in tests, how they get that ugly, and how to clean them up. We’ll see how clean code principles apply directly to web tests. From removing duplication, good naming, using proper constants, and then move to more complex issues of abstraction, builders and factories, fixtures and test organization, and of course, we’ll see how the almighty Page Object model make things easier to maintain. Sometimes (I’ll explain).

There’s a reason most tests look the same. We copy them, but don’t get back to refactor them. Let’s remove the cobwebs, and make these web tests clean.

In this session you’ll learn:
– Principles of clean code and tests.
– How to write web tests that are readable and maintainable.
– How to refactor tests to effective patterns.

The webinar is inteded for testers and developers who want to understand automated web testing.

I’ll be doing it twice:

April 9th, 2024, 10 AM, CET (The Europian version)

April 9th, 2024, 1 PM ET (The US Version)

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