We should have clean tests. Period.

As a clean code fanatic, I see it as a personal mission to go around preaching how powerful clean code is. After all, we’re reading code a lot more than we write it. So much time can be saved when staring at it and asking, “what were they (we) thinking?”.

Sadly, it seems that test code is not considered “real code”. And I think it’s time to put an end to that.

This webinar is more than “how to write readable tests”. Tests can be so much valuable if they tell the story of how to use the system. It’s not rocket science, it’s knowing the principles.

In this session, I’ll show you how to clean up tests. From readable naming, coding and pattern reuse, refactoring methods, test organization, code smells and how to fix them. All in the context of automated tests. We’ll also discuss how testability issues in the tested code impacts test code, and how to fix those issues for better code and tests.

“Clean code looks like it was written by someone who cares.”, said Michael Feathers. Test code may even be more important to write cleanly for that reason. In fact, it’s the professional thing to do.

I’m doing double duty again: Two live versions of the same session.

The webinar will take place on:

November 29th, 2023, 10 AM, CET (The Europian version)

November 30th, 2023 1 PM ET (The US Version)

Register now:


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