Model-based software development is on its way, and the next webinar is about what it means to development and testing processes.

Here’s how the story goes. The Product Manager writes a spec, based on what they hear from the customer. The Architect designs a solution. The developer builds it. The tester tests it.

Each jump is a translation. With each jump, there are translation errors. These errors translate into bugs, re-work and a lot of frustration.

Now, imagine a world, where there are no translation errors. Everything is built according to an agreed model. Requirements don’t conflict. Design constraints are enforced. Tests are generated. All according to a single, verified, air-tight model.

Then, when requirements change, we know every impacted bit of code and every impacted test.

In this session, I’m joining Michael Bar-Sinai, CTO of Provengo, to talk about models, and how model-based tools can change the way we develop and test software. On the way, we’ll see how Provengo’s tools take us closer to this reality.

How close are we to a future without bugs?
Let’s see.

The webinar will take place on September 21th, 2023, 5 pm CET.

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