A very intensive webinar! I was very happy to show Playwright as it truly is, the good and the annoying. Playwright has a lot of cool features that make it easier to write web tests.

And it was really hard to push everything in an hour.

In this session I did an introduction to Playwright, and talked about why you should try it, and what to expect. More importantly, I looked at how to keep Playwright tests more maintainable and readable.

I went over:

  • How Playwright works
  • Flavors of Playwright
  • Main features
  • Supporting tools
  • The dark-side bits

If you’re new to web automation, or new to Playwright, this is an excellent stepping stone to understand how it can help you, and what to keep watch for.

And once you’re done, there’s a whole day of Introduction to Playwright workshop, waiting just for you.


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