Spring is in the air!

Almost. It’s just starting. But it already looks promising. So here are some of the events where you can see me, meet me, greet me, and of course, give me fruit. Or ask me for help.

Outside the webinars and virtual events, I’m going to:

  • Continuous Testing Meetup, online on March 14th, with “API Exploratory Testing with Postman”
  • Expo QA, in Madrid, Spain on May 30th. I’m doing a Masterclass on “Clean Tests in Playwright”
  • Nordic Testing Days, Tallinn, Estonia on June 4th, a whole day Tutorial on “Introduction to testing with Playwright”
  • EuroSTAR, in Stockholm, Sweden, June 11th-12th, where I’m pulling double duty: “API Exploration Testing with Postman” tutorial and “API Test Planning Live!” in front of a live, non virtual audience
  • Romanian Testing Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, June 14th, after a small European jump, doing “Clean Tests” tutorial.
  • DevGeekWeek, in Tel Aviv, Israel, a whole day seminar on “Shift Left with Developer Tests”

That’s a rough and exciting two+ weeks, with a whole lot of new and classic material.

Now, you have probably noticed some new web material, and you can expect webinars and blogs on the web development and testing areas soon.

And why not start with the “Developer Testing – Web” to see how your dev team can take leap forward in quality?

See you around (and ping me if you want my help on the road).

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