Lots of bugs come from misunderstanding. “I thought you meant this”, but “She built it like that” and “He tested it in another way”. Model-based testing is going to change that.

In this webinar, Michael Bar-Sinai, CTO of Provengo stops by, and we discuss model-based testing. Actually, model-based everything, because once you have a model that everyone agrees on, understands, and, get this, built by a computer – the chances are that many of those errors are going away. And that impacts everything in the product development process – requirements, design, code, tests.

Imagine finding most of the problems at the requirement phase. Before code is built the wrong way. And if changes are made (and change is always a factor) – you change the model first, and everything else – code, tests, documentation derives from there. Full correlation, and conflict-free. At least, conflict-flagged.

Sounds like science fiction? I admit, we’re not there yet. But if in 10 years, you’ll go to the Bug Museum, where only there, you can experience the rush (and anxiety) of error-prone development, remember when it all started.

And until all that happens, sharpen your skill on testing. Check out my workshop on “Exploratory API Testing“, where some of these aforementioned bugs can definitely be found.

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