Gil Zilberfeld is talking about Clean Code principle dependency injection in the TestIL meetup

Next Wednesday, 22 May ’19, I’m giving a lightning talk about a very important topic: Dependency Injection.

Most developers know what it is, and now it’s time for testers to learn about it too – And that’s why this talk is at the Test-IL meetup.

Dependency injection is a wide subject, from frameworks to principles. How it is a direct descendant of the SOLID principles (and therefore how using it as part of clean code principles). How using it in TDD, unit testing and integration testing allows us to replace or mock different parts of the system and check their consumers in isolation.

But there’s a deeper insight when talking about testability which doesn’t even concern code. And I’m going to reveal it in the talk.

Of course don’t miss the other great talks as well.
You can register to the meetup here.

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