Hey everyone,

I’m excited, I guess you can tell that.

I’ve spent the recent years in the world of unit testing. There’s aLot of information out there. It looks like a solved problem.

Yet most developers don’t unit test their code. TDD is even in worse shape

This is where this book begins. It’s about the everyday developer, part of an everyday team. And it opens up a lot of practical issues and solutions in the unit testing world. If you thought unit testing == JUnit, this book is for you.

Let’s start with this: This is not a complete book. Far from it.
It’s just the beginning of it.

Like every agile product, I’m starting with something, and based on feedback I’m going to continue. That also applies to the graphics, this site and everything.

And like any agile product, I’m going to experiment. That includes pricing, of course.
Let’s start with FREE, shall we?

Because I like agile processes, I picked LeanPub. Their process is so aligned with my way of thinking. When you get the book, you get all its further updates. Incremental delivery, just as I like it.
In this blog, I’m going to write more about the process of writing the book, along with which updates are released and upcoming.
Finally, if you want more information about agile and unit testing, if you need training and coaching about these subjects, go to my site: http://www.gilzilberfeld.com. I might be able to help.
That’s enough for now. There’s lots more to come.


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