Any change we make in our team, requires a baseline. If we want the change to stick, we need to experience it. And, we need to change our language. We’ll be talking differently, and people need be part of the talk. They need to understand why we make that change.

That’s the only way changes stick.

We sometimes think of training as a way to acquire new knowledge, tools and tips. We assume that knowledge will be used effectively and immediately. Great training makes it happen, by explaining the language, reasons and expectations.

Because, once training is done, the real work begins. And when everyone understands the new language, they won’t be left behind, or worse – drag others back.

My training courses, whether in TDD, BDD, agile, clean code – all of them – do just that. And since I believe knowledge sticks better with dirty hands, all training sessions are at least 50% hands on exercises. Some of them are on the client’s own code.

The team will learn the language. And they will continue speaking it the next day.

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