Since the Coronavirus has taken over our lives, we work differently. Teams are dispersed, and people started remote working from home. All the processes we’ve built to make sure we create quality products are up in the air, or completely ignored.

The real problem is that we slow down because of remote work. We don’t want to make hasty decisions, because we lack information, or access to it. We can commit code, but when things fall down on the dev-ops side, we’re helpless. Productivity is down, because at home we have distractions. Remote work is slow.

What can we do to get back on track? That’s where the first-aid kit comes in.

I’m here to help managers who want to take back control over the processes that worked before, and make them work in the new reality.

With a few hours of remote consulting and mentoring, we’ll write a new set of rules for your team, along with short training sessions for the team members, to make sure they understand.

The plan is short (up to 20 hours) because you need direction NOW. Hopefully the situation will be over soon. But if it’s not the first-aid kit can help you work in the next few months in a productive, quality manner.

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