On May 4th, we celebrate Star Wars day.

It is known that during the republic days, the Jedi Council would test the padawans for exquisit testing skills. They put those in a book called Bhast Praktissses. We found it.

The API empire is threatening to take over the galaxy.
The rebel testers are looking to bring it down. But can they find the weak spots?

When testing APIs, we need to take into account a whole bunch of things – from the code itself, our planning strategy, what tools we can use and how to report the results. That’s a lot. Yoda we need.

In this session, we’ll walk through the more important principles and practices, that make API testing effective. from dealing with the complexity to focusing on what we want the tests to tell us. I’ll talk (and Yoda will help) about using accurate asserts for the specific cases we’ve decided to automate, and how to make sure the tests help us understand the system’s quality. We’ll also talk about the life cycle of tests, and even when to get rid of them.

The Bhast Praktissses book is long. There’s enough there for a couple of sequels. At least we got some new hope.

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