This year I’m coming back to Potsdam in November for Agile Testing Days for the umpteenth time. That’s one of my favorite conferences. And since I’m in Potsdam, we’re going to do a couple of things, and the first is a full day tutorial on test maintenance.

I speak a lot about how the last time we look at a test is when we finish writing it. But then we wind up with so many tests we don’t know what to do with. In this hands-on tutorial we’re going to discuss, move code around, refactor tests and more. The topics cover:

  • What is test maintenance
  • Building a test maintenance plan
  • Metrics for tracking the plan
  • Test organization
  • Test smells and anti-patterns
  • Refactoring to clean tests
  • Test review best practices


So, if you’re interested in the days after writing the tests, this is a 1-day tutorial for you.

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