I’m a self-taught guy. When I want to learn something, I learn by myself, do exercises, until I learn how to use it effectively.

But that’s me. Can your team do the same? Take the new knowledge they just learned in my courses, and apply them to their daily work?

If the answer is yes, you’ve got a great team. That’s great.
But even if it’s no, they can become great.

While my courses are hands-on, and are customized to the your needs, some teams need help when returning to work. The legacy code does not play nicely with the tests, or people are reluctant to change their behavior.

That’s ok too. I can help. I coach, consult, and guide teams to make these changes.

Working with small groups, pairs or individuals, within their context, on their own code – the how-to’s become real. They learn where to apply what, how, and do it effectively.

Sometimes, just by coming around, I make things happen. But I promise you, I do more than that.

Let’s face it – we’re dealing with complex practices. It is not easy to instill clean code practices, TDD in legacy code, or run an effective retrospective consistently. But I coach people to do those everyday.

Want to know more about training? Contact me.