Did you ever want to learn Postman in an hour?
Postman is a great tool for testing APIs. And it’s choke-full of features. So that’s pretty much impossible.
But we’ll do the next best thing.

In this lightning-speed session, I’ll go over what APIs are, the major features of Postman, their usefulness for testing APIs, and also talk about the dark side of the tool (not everything is rosy at Postmanland).

Postman can handle APIs in a lot of ways. But how does it help with testing? How does it fit into your product development process?

Come and see for yourself.

And this time I’m doing double duty: Two live versions of the same session.

The webinar will take place on:

October 18th, 2023, 10 AM, CET (The Europian version)

October 19th, 1 PM ET (The US Version)

Register now:


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