In modern mobile applications, it is important to test the front-end application code. End-to-end tests are slow, expensive and fragile. The mobile code can and should be tested by unit and component tests, to make tests quick, easy to write and find where exact problems are.

In this 1-day course, we’re going to understand how mobile developer tests add to quality, what to focus in our tests, and how to do it in React Native.

End-to-end tests are not enough – if they are the only tool in our belt, we won’t cover enough, spend time on writing fragile tests, and then spend a lot of time debugging when they fail. The front-end app tests, increase the app quality, and pinpoint the problems when they are included in the development cycle.

Audience: React Native developers.

Course total length: 1 day

Remote and on-site options.

Course goals

Following the workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of unit and component tests in addition to end-to-end tests
  • Decide which unit and component tests to write and what to skip
  • Write unit and component tests with Jest and React Native Testing Library
  • Handle async test code
  • Mock API calls to supplement the tests

Course agenda

  • What developer unit tests add to regular testing in the development
  • What should we unit test and what not to test
  • Setting up projects for unit & component tests
  • The Jest testing framework
  • The React-Native Testing Library
  • Translating user scenarios into automation scripts
  • Writing testable code
  • Writing simple tests for logic in components
  • Writing automated component tests
  • Mocking API calls
  • Handling async code
  • Including the tests in continuous integration development cycle


  • Attendees need to have their own computers ready and download the exercises beforehand.
  • React Native programming experience

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