“The Jedi’s Handbook for API Testing” Webinar Recording

Published by Gil Zilberfeld on

The ability to speak does not make you intellgent

You can’t spell Star Wars without APIs. Not automatically, anyway. And without doing some API testing first.

So, Star Wars day 2023, we did a little webinar about Jedis, Siths, some Mandalorians, and a whole lot of API testing.

For example, one of the things I talked about was checking the same functionality from differnet API. If you create a Droid, how do you know it worked? You need to check the internal database, call a GET on its ID, and do a GET ALL to see it’s there. It may not be the Droid you’re looking for, it’s worth checking.

You want some more? Well, if you don’t live in a galaxy far away, we can make it happen. Check out my workshops on API Automations for developers and QA.

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