The next webinar is going to be on what makes automation effective. I invite you to come and see how.

But before we talk about the mechanics, we need to discuss how it fits into the human scenery. You may not notice, but automation can’t exist without us humans creating it. Automation speeds up things, but it needs to speed up the right things. And in order to do that, we have some other human practices and processes. Things like clean code and code reviews, and others.

When we’re talking human processes, there’s agile. Did you know that “agile” as in “we develop in agile” didn’t originally exist? Check out the “Manifesto for agile software development” as it was really called. Since then the term was hijacked, kidnapped and tortured.

But I’m not here to complain (that’s just a bonus). Here’s a podcast recording (audio only) I was interviewed on, and I discuss what makes development effective. You know, testing, automation and how to make the best of that agile thing.

And, do come to the webinar, I promise to talk about agile in a non-criminal way.


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