So you’re probably thinking: Yes, we’ve seen the Java version of Writing a Rest API with TDD.

But can you do it in other languages as well? Say, C#?

And if you do, what would it look like?

Well, you wouldn’t believe it. You can. And I was fortunate enough to present it at Virtual NetCoreConf 2021!

Now, the video is the recording of the whole day, and my session starts at 3:07:50, and I set the starting point in the embedded video below.  If it doesn’t work, scroll ahead. It’s ~50 minutes long, and full of .net core-ness API TDD-ness.

Check it out,

You can get the code from Github (both Java and C# versions, and soon node.js because guess who’s coming to WeAreDeveloper conf!).

Check out the following workshops where I talk about TDD:

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