Yesss. It’s here. At least the Hebrew version, I have a feeling that we’ll do an English one soon.

What is it? It’s a 48 mins of what you don’t read in introduction to TDD books or articles. (Except for Everyday Unit Testing, my book, but you probably knew that). From what TDD does to your thinking, coding and designing, to what it doesn’t do (hint: magically create great designs). Almost no code examples.

There’s a lot of good stuff in there (I know, I’ve written it, it took a lot of work). So if you’re speaking Hebrew, you can just go ahead and play it. Well, you can play it if you don’t too, but it would not be as effective.

Here it is.

Here’s a note: The site is going through changes. It way look wonky, but the material is still awesome. If you found something that requires attention, let me know.

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