Last week I came back from Let’s Test South Africa. As always, Let’s Test stood up to its name. It’s a small conference, with a lot of hands on-learning, and a focus on community. It’s about testers meeting other testers, learning, and feeling good about it.

My workshop “Zen And the Art of Test Maintenance” went great. (See picture for testers working on refactoring tests.) Unfortunately, immediately after the session the bug I apparently picked up on the plane hit me hard. I spent the next day either in bed, or trying to keep awake at sessions I didn’t want to miss (Hi Paul Holland!).

I’ve also re-met friends (Simon Berner, Gerlad Mucke, Beren van Daele, Regina MartinsJoanne Perold, Elizabeth Zagroba and Paul Holland ) and made new ones. I want to thank especially Alison Gitelson for drawing the poster for my workshop (the main picture on top). And to Louise Perold and the rest of the crew for an awesome conference. I’ll be coming back. Healthier.

Zen and the Art of Test Maintenance Workshop with Gil Zilberfeld at Let's Test

After that, things got better. I got back to eating the awesome food provided by the conference. Then I became a tourist for a couple of days, plus going to a karate class in a local dojo. I felt a lot better then.

Anyway, that’s 2019 testing schedule. I got one more training on agile and estimation this week at Sela Developer Conference.

Then it’s on to 2020. I have a good feeling about next year. Stay tuned.

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