Here’s a bit of news: I’m going to Let’s Test in November!

I’m really excited, for a couple of reasons.

The first is – it’s Let’s Test, baby! I’ve been to the last couple of Let’s Test event in Sweden, and if you haven’t been – that’s a very special event. It’s non-stop hands-on testing. This year, we’re starting at Sunday afternoon, going through the evening (my workshop is at 7pm), and then continue this way until Tuesday afternoon. There’s always something going on, and the community is awesome, receptive, eager to learn and teach.

My workshop is “Zen and the art of Test Maintenance”. It’s going to be shorter than the Test Bash version (2 hours), but awesome in the same way. If you’ve collected, dozens, hundreds and thousands of tests, you feel the maintenance pain. The Workshop teaches how to deal with that pain.

What else am I excited about? It’s going to be my first time in South Africa. I’m hoping to see things in Cape Town, and maybe around it. Hopefully go to a testing meetup. I also plan to visit our local karate dojo, and return a favor after so many years of hosting their visits here.

The final thing is that in Cape Town I’m going to run a new public workshop. It’s intended for developers who want to write better code, and for testers who want to help developers write better code. Details coming soon.

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