Test Driven Development (TDD) is highly praised as a development best-practice, yet not many teams around the world actually practice it daily.

But Why, you ask? They just went to a TDD training. They even done some TDD exercises in a workshop.

For some teams, that’s enough. They get back to their work and apply the techniques and principles they learned. But especially with TDD, applying those to the team’s legacy code seems impossible.

And that’s where you need a TDD coach. And lucky for you, I’m very good at it.

I’ve been using TDD to program for more than 15 years now. I’ve done this in new, shiny projects, and dirty, legacy ones. I’ve coached many teams, on their code, in their constraining architecture, on how and where to apply TDD (and what the alternatives are if they can’t).

Consulting sessions include design, coding, testing and reviews, that enable the developer to quickly understand what works where, in the team’s specific context.

And that’s exactly what you want – your team working with best practices, not in a generic, “what everyone knows” way. But on your code.

I promise – TDD is not “great, but works for other people”. TDD can work for you, with your code, ugly (or beautiful) as it is.

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