Online Live Interactive Courses

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Can’t get out of your home? These sets of squeeze-courses can make you effective now, and even better after all the corona stuff is over.

What are squeeze-courses, you ask? I’ve taken my full courses and squeezed them hard to get the essenceת so that I can teach them online in short remote sessions. And you can get the information in small doses.

All sessions are live and interactive; you get the slides and exercises. You can pick any set, or cover full topics.

Squeeze CourseLengthNext Course (GMT+2)
Unit Testing
Test Driven Development2hr6 Nov, 14:00
Testing with Spring
Introduction2hr3 Nov, 14:00
Testing REST APIs2hr5 Nov, 14:00
Behavior Driven Development
Clean Code
The SOLID Principles2hrTBA
Refactoring for Testability2hrTBA
Better Agile
Better Remote Work2hrTBA
Better Slicing2hrTBA
Better Estimation2hr2 Nov, 14:00