Everyday Spring Testing

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My next book (coming soon) is about Spring Testing. With so many Java developers relying on Spring as the foundation for application development, the need for testing is bigger than ever.

Spring and Spring Boot have definitely taken Spring testing further, but unfortunately, the information out there is very basic. This book is not just going to be a in-depth compendium of Spring and Spring Boot’s testing features. It is also going to tackle it from MY experience of unit and integration testing, testablity, TDD and clean code.

Here are some the topics I’m going to cover in the book:

    • What is Spring Unit Testing
      • Is it really unit testing?
    • How Spring Unit Tests fit into a testing strategy
    • About Spring and Spring Boot
      • Dependency Injection
      • Test slices
      • Beans and their life-cycle
    • Testability considerations
    • Verification tests
    • Configurations
    • Organization
      • Test organization
      • Configuration organization
    • Mocking with Spring
      • Annotations
      • Mockbeans
      • Mock life-cycle
      • Using PowerMockito
    • Profiles
    • Testing with data
      • JDBC
      • JPA
      • Data clean up and setup
    • Testing REST APIs
      • Isolation and Integration
    • TDD with REST APIs
    • Testing REST API Consumers
    • Spring Testing Anti-patterns
    • Testing contracts
    • Testing caching scenarios
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